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Shmuel Leib Melamud

Public Opinion Strategies recently conducted a national survey of registered voters, March 25‐28, 2022.
A total of 1000 registered voters nationally were interviewed online, and the survey has a credibility interval of ± 3.53 percentage points.

Key findings

  • “Don’t say gay?” When Americans are presented with the actual language of the new Florida law, it wins support by more than a two‐to‐one margin. Voters across partisan lines strongly support the new Florida law after being provided with the actual language of the bill: “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in Kindergarten through third grade or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”
    "Don’t Say Gay” BillSupport‐Oppose
    Republican Voters70%‐23%
    Independent Voters58%‐26%
    Democratic Voters55%‐29%
    Trump 2020 Voters70%‐23%
    Biden 2020 Voters53%‐30%
    Suburban Voters60%‐30%
    Know Someone LGBTQ61%‐28%
  • Fully two‐thirds of voters believe it is inappropriate for teachers or school personnel to discuss gender identity with children in kindergarten through 3rd Grade. By a 67%‐21% margin, Americans say the discussion of gender identity is inappropriate for children in kindergarten through 3rd Grade, including 88% of Republicans, 68% of Independent voters, and a plurality of Democrats (47%).
  • Fewer than 10% of Americans want to see gender removed from birth certificates. While just 8% of Americans believe states should remove gender from birth certificates, fully 79% of voters do NOT, including 93% of Republicans, 79% of Independent voters, and 67% of Democrats.
  • Finally, by more than a two‐to‐one margin, Americans believe transgender athletes should play on sports teams that match their birth gender. By a 60%‐24% margin, voters believe “transgender athletes should only be allowed to play on sports teams that match their birth gender.” While Republican (85%‐7%) and Independent voters (60%‐23%) largely agree, Democratic voters aren’t as sure (39%‐36%).


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Флоридские демократы правее калифорнийских республиканцев


Это исследование по всей стране, не только во Флориде.

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